It worked!

OK, I know this all is long overdue for an update.


Wow, the last blog post was over a month ago. So, I guess I should fill people in so here is the short version.


I got my project running at the end of October. Then I had to schedule some user testing, to see if all my work was good. Despite promise of pizza my first round of user-testing was sort of bust. Only 8 people showed up. I had to improvise a second round of user testing over Thanksgiving. Since family was coming to our house for Excess Carbs Day, I built a maze in our ‘playroom’ in the house, and had everyone walk through.


Here is a video of Sky doing the test.


In general user-testing was a success, in that I just wanted to test if people could easily pick up and use the system. Mostly everyone was able to use sound of the system to get through the simple maze. The most interesting part, and this is just anecdotal evidence is despite scientific research stating that men do better on special tests, women tended to get through the maze faster than the men.


Then two weeks after that, I had my Masters Defense.




I guess you can figure it out. I passed and I am now a Master of Computer Science.


I probably should write something more introspective about the semester, but honestly, I have really been up in my head space since my Masters Defense, trying to figure a bunch of stuff out. So maybe I will add a few thoughts on how everything when eventually figure that out.


Along with making it through my masters, and I am just glad to know, that I got a more practically prototype to work, and that the idea itself is viable. Now I just need to figure out what happens next.


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Was a Masters of Computer Science Student at the University of Kentucky. Previous Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon. Before that Graduated from Berklee College of Music. I have worked for Public Radio and the Video Games industry. Most of my interests now are UI and Accessibility Issues for Technology.

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