I got the kit.

Just a short update.

Got the Occipital Structure VR Kit today. In short, I have a proper headset to hold the Structure Sensor for testing on Saturday.



I am not sure if I need the Wide Angel Lens but I think Bridge needs it.


It is nice to have a proper headset, but I cannot wear my glasses wearing the headset, also there is no trigger button like on a normal Google Cardboard. At least unless you stick your finger through the nose space.


Still, I am glad to have a second sensor for Saturday. I am not sure how long the charges last, so it will be nice to have a backup.


Rounding the bend, report focus time.

So this week has been a bit quieter. For the most part, since I got the Beta, any code work is frozen for the rest of the semester. There is no way I am risking breaking anything until after graduation. However, I was able to schedule time in Young Library’s multipurpose room for user testing on the 19th. Yes, it is the weekend before, Thanksgiving, but you take what you can get. Also, got some feedback on my early draft of my final report, and I hoping with a month to work on the text, I should get it reading pretty nice.

There is no question that there is a lot I would like to add to add to SEAR-RL but I have say, not that I have a base functioning beta, it is a lot easier to plan what to do next. In building the prototype, it was very problematic, because every component had some purpose to the overall structure. This made it difficult to separate tasks. However, now I have a base working system, it is a little easier to envision a specific feature and at least see in my mind a set series of tasks that need to be completed.

Finally, it was pretty cool that the Occipital guys noticed my project, and gave it a shout out on their Twitter feed. It is funny that all came about because I decided to order a second sensor and get the VR kit. Good thing too, because my Google Cardboard hack, has begun to fall apart, so it will nice to have a proper headset. Plus, it will be interesting to see if the Bridge API Occipital is making for the VR kit can provide additional functionality when I get a chance to work on it again.