Band Hero – Nintendo DS

Band Hero – Nintendo Wii

Forklift Safety Sim – Windows PC
A Forklift training simulator I did audio design for.

Don’t Feed The Birds
A short film.
Short of the voice acting, I was responsible for all audio in the film. This piece was featured as part of the Chicago Children’s Film Festival 2007 and, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art Summer Arts Program for the Kids 2011.  Annoyingly, audio compression seemed to cause some of the quieter sounds [the bird seed] to disappear.
And yes, we got to work with THAT Anthony Daniels listed in the thanks.

Give Kids the World: Sweet Dreams

Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades – Nintendo DS

Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits – Nintendo DS

Guitar Hero: iPhone

Guitar Hero 4 [World Tour] – Nintendo Wii

Guitar Hero 5 – Nintendo Wii

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 – Xbox 360

James Bond: Quantum of Solace – Nintendo DS

I programmed the FMOD-EX sound layer to the Panda3D engine [same engine used in Polarity]

Polarity [Download the game.  It is free!]


An echolocation like system to make 3D Environments  viewable through audio only.

World’s Fair for Kids: Networked Jam-O-Drums


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