Polarity [Download the game from here.  It is free!]

  • Penny Arcade 2008 Independent Showcase
  • Indiecade Games Festival Finalist 2008
  • Independent Games Festival 2008 Student Showcase Winner
  • Featured as installed exhibit on magnetism at:
    Experyment – Gdynia, Poland
    Liberty Science Center – Jersey City, New Jersey
    Nabi Art Center – Seoul, Korea

Don’t Feed The Birds – short film.

Sound Effects replace I did for fun using gameplay footage from the Acclaim game Vexx.

Section 8 Trailer – Sound effects replace experiment
I attempted to use a custom sample bank to trigger all the sounds in real time via MIDI, mimicking how a game audio engine would work.

Give Kids the World: Sweet Dreams – attraction music – Project Homepage

Sound Effects Test I did for High Voltage Software.

Sound Effect and Voice work are mine.  Voice work provided by  my good friends, Jonathon Adams,  John Lumagui, Joe Conkright, and myself.
The music was High Voltage’s.

Music test I did for High Voltage Software

Skyrates Theme Music

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