Introduction to CS-585 Final Project.

CS-585 Final Running Blog

This is just to introduce, to anyone interested, this is a reflection blog I will be keeping in part of the requirements for my CS 585 final project. The formal title for the class is “Science Fiction and Computer Ethics”. The class covers a variety of computer ethics issue using science fiction as a context for analysis.

For my final project, I pitched 3 ideas and Dr. Goldsmith decided that the third one was the most interesting. The pitch was to create a composition of appropriated samples, but instead of creating an original piece of music, to produce a piece from the public domain. The juxtaposition is, for the last 30 some years there has been continual controversy in modern music concerning ownership when modern artist sample other music. Do any of those issues continue to matter if you produce a piece of music from the public domain?

I will expand on the choice of music and samples in future posts, but for the meantime everything in the project should fall under ‘Fair Use’ particularly since it is for education use as part of a graduate level class project.

Feel free to leave comments, but I am not much of comment reader so don’t take it personally if I do not respond.

I am planning on publishing updates on my UKY Google+ and Tumblr [ @StaqueUKY ].




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