Let there be sound.

Joy! I finally got some audio working in SEAR-RL. I also have to say deciding to use Apple’s higher level audio API [AVFoundation] was probably a wise choice over using CoreAudio. First of all, AVFoundation is just so much cleaner then CoreAudio functions. AVAudio is Obj-C/Swift based verses CoreAudio which is C based. It also seems that Apple has tried to simplify much of the process setting up an Audio processing graph with AVFoundation over CoreAudio.

However, I cannot say it was a perfectly smooth start. This is largely because how I am handing the sound assets themselves. While, it is true I could have used the raw sound files, being the audio guy I am I wanted to put the sound in a sample instrument and access them that way. The first problem was building the sample instrument, which I did over the summer. Actually, creating the sample instrument was not any more difficult than using any other sampler. The problem what that I needed to move the instrument files from where they would reside for music applications to my programming project. Since I was using Apple’s EXS32 Sample Synthesizer and AUSampler AudioUnit, this was a little tricky because EXS32 expects to store and read data from particular locations on the system. Apple does provide some help with their Technical Note TN2283 articles which details how to load instruments into an app using AUSampler, it was just less clear about how one exports the sample instrument from EXS32. But I did get it exported, and was also please to discover that the instrument behaved pretty much how I designed it in EXS32. This is a minor concern, but how the Technical Note reported AUSampler did not support all the funcationally EXS32 does.

The only minor disappointment, is looking at the available AudioUnits on iOS, it seems Apple has removed the Speech AudioUnit in favor of having people using it at the system level. This in should not be a problem, but I must admit I hoping to integrate the Speech synthesizer in the audio processing graph along with everything else.

The best part is finally to be able to hear sound from project that I am responsible for is a big relief.

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Was a Masters of Computer Science Student at the University of Kentucky. Previous Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon. Before that Graduated from Berklee College of Music. I have worked for Public Radio and the Video Games industry. Most of my interests now are UI and Accessibility Issues for Technology.

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