The simplest things are often the hardest.

So had a few more successes last week.

I got CoreAudio/AudioUnit Swift code running in a XCode Playground. This was a big help in trying to understand how AudioUnits work, and how to work with C Pointers in Swift.

I also got a very simple CoreLocation application running, which retrieved the compass direction. [That is probably the easiest thing I have done so far.]

Now I have to vent just a little. In developing this app for iOS I am completely baffled about one thing about trying to develop and app for an Apple platform.

I really wish Apple’s documentation for development was a lot better. I cannot think of a single thing I have yet to try to do on iOS or macOS yet, in which I did not have to look up a tutorial or an example for how to do something from a third party source.

Compared to Microsoft’s MSDN it just seems that Apple’s developers’ documentation is pretty thin.

Sure Apple supplies some guides and sample code. However, I tend to find Apple’s choice of a sample code examples to be a little esoteric. Especially when I just happen to need just a really brain-dead example to help me grasp the concept on how I should use a framework.

I don’t know, I just find it funny.

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Was a Masters of Computer Science Student at the University of Kentucky. Previous Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon. Before that Graduated from Berklee College of Music. I have worked for Public Radio and the Video Games industry. Most of my interests now are UI and Accessibility Issues for Technology.

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