The dead of summer.

OK. I admit I have been sort of unfocused the past couple of weeks.

Basically, Summer is my worst time of the year, especially for productivity. It is not like I want to be out in the Sun, in fact just the opposite. There is the just something about hot weather and humidity, that just takes it out of me. In a way it is like Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] but reversed. Normally, people with SAD get depressed in the middle of winter with the shorter days, for me, it is the opposite. [Plus, I got hooked on Stranger Things.]

I have done work, but it is frustrating because it does not seem to amount to a lot of progress.

For example, realizing that I am probably going to have to build a proper AudioUnit to complete this project, I started to research their structure. Mainly Apple does provide a couple of sample code sets and helper libraries to build AudioUnit. Unfortunately, like I said in my earlier post they are not well documented. Especially since they are written in C++ which Apple seems to treat as reluctantly at possible.

Fortunately, I got the bright idea to use Doxygen to build the dependency trees for all the C++ code, and that helped a bit. Something about seeing how everything is laid out, and what needs what in terms of a graph helps a lot. Information, they I cannot pick up easily looking at the source code.

Also, I have spent a bit of bit going back and reviewing the UML designs and making some changes. Specifically, it just seems the best way to deal with Audio and MIDI in iOS app is to use singletons. I don’t have a probably with them, but I know some people do.

Anyway I am hoping with the semester starting up in a few weeks I can get back into the groove.


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