Another 2 forward, 1 step back.

My current grumpiness with XCode, you cannot refactor Swift Code.

One would think that is a pretty basic feature an IDE should have, but as of the writing of this it does not exist.

I discovered it when I tried to refactor some of my code for SEAR-RL last week. Xcode threw up an alert warning it could only do that for C and Obj-C code. So I decide to press ahead and just manually refactor everything. I think that was a bad idea.

I started having a lot of issues in my UI, like the Application just could not find certain assets [at least that is basis of the common warnings XCode keep telling me]. Unfortunately, since Apple and XCode tries to take care of a lot of stuff ‘behind the scenes’ from the developer, I could not figure out what I had disconnected [broke] with my factorization to fix the problems. So I had to trash all my code and start over with a new project.

I should not be surprised, if seem every time I start a new coding endeavor, I have about 2, 3, or even 4 false starts before I actually start getting anywhere. However, that doesn’t stop it from being annoying.

The upside, is these false starts usually help me develop a better idea how to structure the underlining project.

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Was a Masters of Computer Science Student at the University of Kentucky. Previous Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon. Before that Graduated from Berklee College of Music. I have worked for Public Radio and the Video Games industry. Most of my interests now are UI and Accessibility Issues for Technology.

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