The MIDI File

So the first thing I needed to do for this project was to get the music for Pachelbel’s Canon. Now, the initial thought was I could get a copy of the sheet music and enter the music myself. However, in the modern age we have the great invention of MIDI so I wondered if there was a MIDI file available. After doing a web search I discovered a few websites with MIDI files. Unfortunately, the first site [] did not have any MIDI files that matched the original arrangement. I did get lucky with the second site [] which did have a couple versions in the proper arrangement. In order to compare, I found a version of the sheet music here.

Now for sanity’s sake, I cut the Gigue section at the end of the piece. Mainly, because most of the time the audience never hears that part of the piece, and when people do they are confused by it. So what I am going to use is basically the generic 4-part arrangement that we as an audience hear at every wedding. The major difference is we won’t be hearing it 5 times, while we wait for the bride to arrive.

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